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Detox – Day Two – First Half November 2, 2010

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Okay, my day may not really be half-way there but I feel like lunch should be no surprises since it’s the same as yesterday and was just fine.

First, of all, I went to bed earlier last night. More than an hour earlier than normal. I did, however, wake up several times to go to the bathroom…guess that’s part of the cleanse. So I got up this morning and was four pounds lighter than yesterday. Oh, lovely, body of water.

The point is that I woke up earlier so I didn’t feel like I had to rush all my liquids. I did have a slight headache on waking but that went away as soon as i had my lemon-ginger water.

Twenty minutes later I retried the barley grass “green drink.” Per an aunt’s suggestion, I held my nose while I drank it. Still a bad aftertaste but it went much more quickly and was all kept down.

Then another 20 or so minutes later I tried the juicer. SUCCESS! Four carrots, a cucumber and a beet later I had a big cup of juice with an estimate of 35-40 carbs. Delicious. However, those beets are so freaking messy that I’m not sure I’ll use them much after the detox.

My blood sugar was high this morning. I don’t think i checked before bed. Will have to monitor more closely today. I was a bit lazy on checking because I felt like I knew what all I was eating.

Energy wise I feel much better so far today. So, cheers to a better start!


2 Responses to “Detox – Day Two – First Half”

  1. Oh man, BEETS?!?! I’m out. I can’t stand those things! Just the thought makes me cringe…

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