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Detox – Day Three – First Half November 3, 2010

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Another three pounds lighter. Nice thing to know starting the day.

Morning drinks were even easier today if that’s possible. I still held my nose for the green drink, but I have read a lot about how healthy it is for you.

The real only downside to juicing is that there’s a lot of left over pulp and clean-up. So it’s not great for just running out the door. I do have a compost bin outside (and a little inside) so that’s what I’m doing with most of the waste right now.

I do feel like you have to do this at least three days – just later yesterday did I feel like I was actually detoxing (and hitting the bathroom every hour).

Now what to do tomorrow…


2 Responses to “Detox – Day Three – First Half”

  1. So, what have you decided to do?

  2. Becca Says:

    Try to keep a lot of juicing and raw foods – but probably one more regular meal a day. A mixture and moderation.

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