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Thankful Thursdays – 15 November 12, 2010

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Yes, I know it’s Friday! I figured that I did this on Wednesday once so am now even. haha.

I didn’t want to take advantage of life though and not acknowledge that there are things I’m thankful for every day.

1. “MerryMint Organic green tea” – “Delight in the cheery mint brightness of this holiday tea.” My personal favorite tea right now.

2. My Continuous Glucose Monitor. I hadn’t worn it in a long time but plugged back in after a particularly bad blood sugar day on Monday. I had forgotten how awesome it is to have all this knowledge that comes with it. Like, who knew that just driving to work could my BG go up 30 points?!

3. Plans with new friends for tomorrow – first “game night” in a long time.

4. Angel trees. I have picked my angel to buy for this year and am excited to be returning the favor…I was once a kid on an angel tree.

5. That I have a new, big bed coming to my house on Monday! So excited!

6. New curtains in my bedroom! I bought new curtains last weekend and just LOVE them. It’s like my whole room had a makeover just from the curtains.

7. Medical reimbursements.

8. Incense. I know that’s a little odd. About 5 years ago I was a big fan and then just stopped buying/burning. Well, I happened to stop in a store that was selling some this week and have found that it makes my home feel quite peaceful.

9. Beeeeaautiful, fall days! Two lovely weekends in a row is quite a treat.

10. Getting my first Christmas presents picked out and purchased (for you, Mom!).

I’m a lucky (and thankful) girl. 150 reasons listed so far!


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