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Diabetes is trashy November 24, 2010

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Okay, well, what I mean is that it sure creates a lot of trash! Some of it is recyclable, but most of it needs to hit a container for sharp things or the trash. More often than not I end up with pieces of it around my kitchen since that’s where I change my pump sites and store all my supplies. I must get better about the stray pieces! This morning I was preparing for some cleaning help and stabbed the heck out of one of my fingers! Hopefully I got everything else found before I left.

I have used some of it for art, but mostly just strips at this point. I may do something with tubing at some point too.

But, mostly I hope that there becomes less and less trash over time.

As a side: I have to change insurance in January and am already dreading sorting the new insurance out (wasn’t a choice, company switched options). Bleck.


One Response to “Diabetes is trashy”

  1. ChipMac Says:

    Yes … double-bleck!

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