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Thankful Thursdays – 20 December 30, 2010

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I’ve been quiet lately, I realize. Fortunately it’s a new year in my life (and almost for the world) and my theme for my 33rd is “healthy” – healthy body, mind, spirit! The past week or two has taken a lot of reflection of what this means to me and what things I’m doing (err, and not doing) to make that theme a roaring success. This has made me quite thankful for some things that I have in my life that I may not have mentioned in weeks 1-19.

1. My beautiful new Bible from one of my most awesome friends (and has been my friend for 21 of my 33 years!). I had just been saying I’d like to get a really nice one that reads well and looks like nice and she did better than I could’ve picked out for myself!

2. The CD’s that my friends Tisha and Felicia sent me of some of their favorite (positive) music. It’s nice to jam out to something that is not just about drugs/drinking/hook-ups/heartbreaks. haha.

3. All of the awesome birthday and Christmas cards I got this year. I think I got record number of both – at least since I’ve been an adult. Not to mention the 80+ birthday wishes on FB!

4 A really special group of people that helped make my actual Birthday very peaceful and low-key. The day, as a whole, assured me I’m just where I needed to be in life. I haven’t been feeling great this week and it was a great transition to the new year.

5. The great O’C’s who invited me to their family Christmas dinner. It was hard to be away from my family, but nice to spend it with such a loving and fun group.

6. Birthday phone calls. I love that my family loves to sing. My phone would ring and I would say, “well, I’m ready, go ahead.” haha. Uncle D and Mom probably did the best. 🙂

7. My box of gifts from my mom – all made me smile on Christmas morning! Reminds me I should go put in some pretty earrings now…

8. The hat I just knew my dog wanted me to get for myself from her – “Life is short. Play with your dog.”

9. That my sweet, foster kittens are coming around and seem less shy every day Looks like I should have them about two more weeks for play and cuddling. I’m also looking forward to them getting “forever homes” where they will grow to mean as much to others as my Annabelle and Chloe mean to me.

10. One of my newest besties (of about 9 years), Kristen. She magically just knows stuff I need without my asking. Our friendship is really such a touching piece of my life right now.

Too often in my life I’ve found myself focused on the things that weren’t “just right” or the people that didn’t like me (*gasp*) or the things I didn’t have. There’s nothing like catching one of those thoughts and being able to remind myself how insanely and abundantly blessed my life is. It allows for so much more happiness in my life to remember this perspective to and to focus on what I have and what “is” It’s really a great place to be. It always makes me smile to remember the big things and the little things.

Happy new Year! May yours be full of joy.


My diabetes December 14, 2010

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It’s going okay. I didn’t wear my pump for a few days and I just never seem to be able to keep my levels where they should be without it…yet, still enjoy a bit of a break. It’s plugged back in now and hope to do my CGM back in tomorrow morning. I’m expecting a decent A1C when I get tested next month.

I haven’t been blogging as much because the rest of life seems to be getting in the way. Still I have thoughts of things I should blog about…like this morning when I put in a new pump site, a string from my sweater got caught in it. That ever happened to you?

I’m also trying to spend some more time on art. More to come.


Thankful Thursday 18 & 19 December 9, 2010

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I’m feeling very happy with the world, even with the challenges I’m facing, which makes being thankful even easier. Just a few things from the last couple of weeks.

1. A good report from the doc for a friend. I was glad to be able to be there with her to hear the news – tears instantly sprang to my eyes.

2. Christmas spirit hitting the town in decorations. Winter is not that pretty in a big city, but the decorations make it much nicer.

3. Coffee. (still need to order a new coffee maker)

4. My friend Desi for making such a fun photo-day for me and Annabelle.


5. Cuddly dog above.

6. Scarves

7. Gloves.

8. My sponsor.

9. Meeting new, awesome people so frequently these days.

10. The Serenity prayer.

11. That each day is a new beginning.

12. Seeing my feet on the right path. Hi feet!

13. Accepting that where I am today is okay.

14. Excitement about the future.

15. Motivating music.

16. Holiday shopping. It’s fun! I’m going very low this year (not spending a lot of $$), but it’s still fun.

17. CHRISTMAS CARDS! I’ve gotten a few in already and just love them.

18. My Higher Power.

19. That I live in a world with so many good people.

20. That I was able to buy for an “angel” from a tree…something I once was.

Thank you, my friends.


Checking in December 8, 2010

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I know I missed a Thankful Thursday, but will do another tomorrow. It’s not that I haven’t been thankful, it’s just that I’ve been focusing my energies elsewhere (mainly on me) and that has been good and healthy in a different way. Life is good and exciting right now and I’m glad and thankful for that. 🙂