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Happy Diaversary to me! January 18, 2011

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Three years ago today I was diagnosed with the big D. I went in for a physical, on a Friday afternoon, after having lost about 60 pounds and felt REALLY tired every afternoon. According to my coworkers, I was also a monster before lunch. So, the doctor weighed me and mentioned he’d like me to lose another 40 pounds (which is both sad and funny to me now) and then sent me for blood work and a chest x-ray. No problem! I got my work done and headed home to get ready for a big party. Around 6 PM I was in route to said party and got a call from my doctor. “You’re diabetic. You need to go to the hospital now. Your blood work came back and was over 600.”

I really didn’t know what that meant. My grandmother is diabetic and I had given her shots, but it was just a set shot twice a day. So, I geared up for my trip to the hospital by stopping by Taco Bell and getting some food. That’s right, a carb-load on top of that blood sugar.

When I go to the emergency room, I was hitting over 800. Lovely. So they took me to a room and eventually set me up with an IV drip with insulin and saline. After 8 hours, about 2 AM at this point, they told me to go home and call my doctor Monday.

No education. By the time I got home I had CRAZY shakes and ate some chips.

The next day I felt like crap, and also was just eating whatever. A friend went and bought a kit for me and I tested and was already back up to 450+. So, back to the hospital I went and this time they admitted me. In addition, a person did come by to give some education. They prescribed some pills and sent me home again.

The next few weeks were rough. I needed to see an Endo but there was a wait. Once I finally got to see one she said that I was wrongly diagnosed and my body was not producing insulin, thus I needed to be on some. It still took a while to figure out how much and such, but it improved. Much further improvements when August 2009 I got my pump. I love my pump. I don’t love that I have to have it, but my levels are generally much better when I use it than when I take a break and do shots.

My A1C, in the three years has come down from 13.6 to 6.8 (will get a new number next week). And I’ve learned a lot and met nice people. The DOC (Diabetes Online Community) is really awesome and makes the disease much more bearable.

So, happy three years self! I’ll be celebrating by being health and kind to my body – and maybe putting a new battery in my pump. 🙂


5 Responses to “Happy Diaversary to me!”

  1. I have also learned a lot in the three years you have been dealing with diabetes. You’ve handled it all so wonderfully! I am proud of you, Bec and have no doubt that some day in God’s timing, a cure will be found for this disease.

  2. mom Says:

    It was a really scary time and still is sometimes. Alot has happened in those three years, love you baby girl.

  3. desi Says:

    Wow…seems like you’ve learned so much & have gone through ups & downs…
    I hope this disease can someday be cured!

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