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Thankful Thursday – 25 February 25, 2011

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My computer thinks it’s Friday, but I’m in Arkansas and it’s still Thursday here. 🙂

So, quickly…

1. My wonderful mother. Been nice to have some low-key time hanging out together. Funny how even just watching weird reality shows are more fun together.

2. An uneventful flight and security check. I know I shouldn’t put my pump through the x-ray, but it’s so much easier than wearing it and getting frisked. Even a 100% booked flight was just fine. 🙂

3. A really fun lunch with A LOT of laughter on Tuesday. Even though I know to expect it now it’s still nice to be able to be away from folks for a long time and pick up like you hung out yesterday.

4. My drive to and from Tulsa this week. I thought I would be hoarse by the time I got there form singing at the top of my lungs for four hours. Fortunately, I wasn’t so I could enjoy 5.

5. A really awesome visit with one of my besties, Felicia, and her family. She’s been a great part of my life for over half of it, but I’m still so amazed that her daughters are so wonderful and lovey and just fill my heart with so much joy to be around. I got to spend less than 24 hours with my friend and her family and tried to soak up every hug to make it last until we get together again.

6. A nice dinner with my bro on Friday. Love that dude. He’s working hard but hopefully I’ll get to see him at least once more while I’m here.

7. Seeing a picture of my Annabelle with sweet Rhian on FB from her parents. My puppy was smiling full and showing her dimples. It’s SUCH a huge relief to know my pooch is well cared for and loved while I’m away.

8. Kickball sign-ups! Woot!

9. A fun water-aerobics class with my mom earlier this week. I was referred to as “the kid.” At 33 I don’t get that very often. I also like these Arkansas ladies that didn’t think it was odd at all to say, “you’re such a pretty girl.” heh.

10. Vacation. So glad I have a job that allows me vacation.


P.S. 11 – getting to see a lot of family on Saturday!!!!


Call from a friend February 17, 2011

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One of my friends tried to call today and then sent an email that was something like “Please call me. Have a diabetic boss that’s acting odd.” I was in a meeting when it came in but saw it a couple of minutes later.

I called.

His boss was apparently sitting in his office almost unconscious. Friend touched his hand and boss said “I need a few minutes.”

It was still confusing to me at first. I asked several questions and we figured out it was indeed a low and his boss told him he took some “sugar.” I felt like I needed to clarify my friend didn’t mean insulin. His response “isn’t that the same thing?” I explained you take insulin if high but not when low. But if he was low he needed something Immediately that would bring it up – something without fat like a soda or juice. And that his boss should be checking frequently. I felt like I was shooting in the dark and wished I was there.

It was a scary call to me even though I didn’t know the person.

I asked that my friend actually go ask his boss what his blood sugar was. Apparently he had seen the testing kit out. I told him my opinions of an okay range and how if it was higher or lower would be treated, generically.

After some time the boss told him it was 64. I really don’t know how low it might have been. Obviously, 64 is not good.

I am so glad that’s never happened to me at work. I’ve gone lowish (maybe even to 50) but I always have lots testing supplies with me and lows have been treated with me saying “I’m going to drink this and might need a few minutes.”

Diabetes is scary and weird.


Fuzzy, diabetes head February 14, 2011

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When my pump ran out on Saturday mid-day I decided to take a pump break and use my Novolog pens. The thing was I wasn’t sure how long I would do that so I didn’t take any fast acting insulin. I battled high’s yesterday and still didn’t plug back in. When I was ready to plug back in this morning I was in the high 200’s (makes sense since I didn’t have any insulin over night). No biggee. I gave myself the correction, grabbed some breakfast and went to work.

Then I got grouchy and blurry. Time to test again 2 hours later to make sure everything is working.

Now 400. (that’s a siren number fo’ sho’). I decide to not even play around anymore. I pull out the new site and sure enough it’s all bent over and kinked up. Fortunately I have another set that I keep at my desk in case of such emergencies. Here’s to hoping this one works. I’ll test again before I eat anything this time.

Happy Monday!

Update: by 3 PM I was finally back under 160. Talk about being exhausted from running high so long. 😦


Diabetes Secrets February 7, 2011

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I’ve read many posts that have made me teary eyed from the Diabetes Online Community. This post was the first to have comments that just made me cry and cry. This is how it feels. Whether a type 1, type 2, or family member, these secrets really got to me.


Saw the Endo

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Diabetes is hard. And there’s no ignoring it…at least as far as I’m concerned. Regardless of what I’ve been doing for the quarter, I feel compelled to keep my appointments 4xyear. I was hopeful this morning when I went in. Well, until I stepped on the scale before I left the house. And then until I realized I would be a little late due to parking.

“Hhhmm, your blood pressure is up,” from my favoritest-ever office person. “Are you in pain?”

Well, yes I was in a little pain. However, the last time I had my blood pressure checked I was in a lot more and today was much higher.

Great foreshadowing to the rest of the appointment.

The last time I had my appointment my levels had been crazy high. This time, I really felt like they hadn’t. I was thinking maybe I’d even hit at 7. No. 7.8.


My doctor doesn’t give me a hard time. She talks about how it’s harder to eat right and exercise in the winter, yada, yada, yada.

I wanted to just crawl into a hole. Instead I went into work for hours and hours of meetings. And was glad i had insurance that allowed that $300 visit to just cost me $30.

Sort of.


Thankful Thursdays – 24 February 3, 2011

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This week has been a push for me. But Thursdays are about what is positive and good when I post here. I know that’s all I have been doing too much lately (meaning, only posting on Thursdays) and I hope to change that soon. So, what this week am I thankful for?

1. My pump has a full sign for both insulin and a battery right now. It’s so pretty! I also have a new pouch. I’ve had several from this great lady and just love them all when I don’t have pockets or convenient places to put that pump-o-mine.

2. Vacation is 2 weeks away for me. Yay!

3. Folks that are willing to come to me/my neighborhood. I mentioned once before but it always means so much to me. Whether it’s because I’m single or willing to travel (even across town) it’s always great when people come to me. 🙂

4. A great winter jacket.

5. That the winter rodent didn’t predict a longer winter. Hope!

6. My puppy knows my signs for hugs (standing up with arms wide spread and she comes to me for a hug) and kisses (I stick a close-mouthed face out) and reciprocates.

7. My foster kitties served their time well. Two girls got new homes and the boy is all “vetted” up for a new home. Annabelle and Chloe seemed so much more relaxed tonight.

8. Salt. In 10 years of living in an area of where you should put “salt” down every year I bought and used my first 10 pound bag this year. I should probably buy and put down more.

9. Not dying when my back steps were frozen. See above. Haha. Note I’m having to go to PT for a knee injury that I further exacerbated by falling twice last week. I do need a bubble.

10. Tomorrow is only a day away. But today, it’s HERE.