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Thankful Thursdays – 24 February 3, 2011

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This week has been a push for me. But Thursdays are about what is positive and good when I post here. I know that’s all I have been doing too much lately (meaning, only posting on Thursdays) and I hope to change that soon. So, what this week am I thankful for?

1. My pump has a full sign for both insulin and a battery right now. It’s so pretty! I also have a new pouch. I’ve had several from this great lady and just love them all when I don’t have pockets or convenient places to put that pump-o-mine.

2. Vacation is 2 weeks away for me. Yay!

3. Folks that are willing to come to me/my neighborhood. I mentioned once before but it always means so much to me. Whether it’s because I’m single or willing to travel (even across town) it’s always great when people come to me. 🙂

4. A great winter jacket.

5. That the winter rodent didn’t predict a longer winter. Hope!

6. My puppy knows my signs for hugs (standing up with arms wide spread and she comes to me for a hug) and kisses (I stick a close-mouthed face out) and reciprocates.

7. My foster kitties served their time well. Two girls got new homes and the boy is all “vetted” up for a new home. Annabelle and Chloe seemed so much more relaxed tonight.

8. Salt. In 10 years of living in an area of where you should put “salt” down every year I bought and used my first 10 pound bag this year. I should probably buy and put down more.

9. Not dying when my back steps were frozen. See above. Haha. Note I’m having to go to PT for a knee injury that I further exacerbated by falling twice last week. I do need a bubble.

10. Tomorrow is only a day away. But today, it’s HERE.



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