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Fuzzy, diabetes head February 14, 2011

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When my pump ran out on Saturday mid-day I decided to take a pump break and use my Novolog pens. The thing was I wasn’t sure how long I would do that so I didn’t take any fast acting insulin. I battled high’s yesterday and still didn’t plug back in. When I was ready to plug back in this morning I was in the high 200’s (makes sense since I didn’t have any insulin over night). No biggee. I gave myself the correction, grabbed some breakfast and went to work.

Then I got grouchy and blurry. Time to test again 2 hours later to make sure everything is working.

Now 400. (that’s a siren number fo’ sho’). I decide to not even play around anymore. I pull out the new site and sure enough it’s all bent over and kinked up. Fortunately I have another set that I keep at my desk in case of such emergencies. Here’s to hoping this one works. I’ll test again before I eat anything this time.

Happy Monday!

Update: by 3 PM I was finally back under 160. Talk about being exhausted from running high so long. 😦


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