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Call from a friend February 17, 2011

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One of my friends tried to call today and then sent an email that was something like “Please call me. Have a diabetic boss that’s acting odd.” I was in a meeting when it came in but saw it a couple of minutes later.

I called.

His boss was apparently sitting in his office almost unconscious. Friend touched his hand and boss said “I need a few minutes.”

It was still confusing to me at first. I asked several questions and we figured out it was indeed a low and his boss told him he took some “sugar.” I felt like I needed to clarify my friend didn’t mean insulin. His response “isn’t that the same thing?” I explained you take insulin if high but not when low. But if he was low he needed something Immediately that would bring it up – something without fat like a soda or juice. And that his boss should be checking frequently. I felt like I was shooting in the dark and wished I was there.

It was a scary call to me even though I didn’t know the person.

I asked that my friend actually go ask his boss what his blood sugar was. Apparently he had seen the testing kit out. I told him my opinions of an okay range and how if it was higher or lower would be treated, generically.

After some time the boss told him it was 64. I really don’t know how low it might have been. Obviously, 64 is not good.

I am so glad that’s never happened to me at work. I’ve gone lowish (maybe even to 50) but I always have lots testing supplies with me and lows have been treated with me saying “I’m going to drink this and might need a few minutes.”

Diabetes is scary and weird.


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