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My new diabetic “helper” December 9, 2011

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I have put on a lot of weight since I was diagnosed with diabetes. Part of it was weight I had lost that I think was caused by becoming diabetic before diagnosis (I lost 60 pounds the year before I was diagnosed). However, it was just becoming clear that I needed to work on it and needed some external help because I wasn’t figuring it out on my own and programs like WW aren’t really targeted to diabetics. I could make a list of other excuses, but the main thing is I was a little at loss on where to start and what to do. Not that I didn’t get the idea of fewer calories in than burned, but…I didn’t want to just start a diet, I wanted some one-on-one advice.

So after much research I found a nutritionist/dietitian who also has a specialty in diabetes. I started meeting with her in October/November. I love it.

First, I had to start documenting everything I eat/drink. For this I’m using I can do it from my computer or my phone. It has an awesome database of foods. Every visit we review my logs (including what time i ate each meal/snack and how I was feeling in the notes section). We also try to come up with a plan ahead of schedule. I’m finding that a plan is the key to success. However, there have been other lessons.

I was not eating breakfast at least 95% of the time. And on days that I work from home I might not eat until 3 or 4 and I was really starving. Thus, my body thought it was starving and would hold on to every calorie I took in. The breakfast thing was partly because so many mornings I was waking up feeling nauseous. At first I thought this was from high bg, but after disproving that I think it’s acid reflux. Sexy! I have started taking over the counter meds and it’s been a big help. I’m up to have a diabetic-friendly Boost for breakfast on my way out. The other part of this was discovering I wasn’t keeping food at home I would want to eat. I don’t mean like pizza and chocolate, but just keeping something crunchy and some things that are easy meals – like tuna fish and crackers.

She also reviews some things I’m doing and has simple changes. Like have a fruit or vegetable with every meal. If you are ordering out, make a veg at home too. Set a limit to drinks before going out with friends.

I’m also trying out more cooking at home. Wish I had a dishwasher! I am trying to always do at least enough for dinner and then lunch the next day when I cook. Some things like soup I’ve also frozen some servings for later. I need to do more of this kind of thing, but the progress I’ve made has been good. My lady likes pictures of my food. I don’t photograph them all, but things like a beautiful soup deserve a picture!

She’s also very encouraging. She’s checked in by email a few times between visits. My favorite email was short and sweet: “I’m really proud of you, too. Losing weight and taking care of yourself is never easy… keep it up.”

I can do this!


4 Responses to “My new diabetic “helper””

  1. Kudos to you!! Being on any sort of restricted eating plan is hard enough but when you throw diabetes in the mix, I can only imagine the hurdles!!!

    I am starting a new plan today – Body By Vi. Just took some “before” pictures, and man if that didn’t get me some motivation! Wow…

    I am proud of you, Bec. You are working hard and making loads of progress. I have no doubts that you are well on your way to success. Keep up the great work.

    Love ya!!!

  2. I’m glad to hear that you’ve found something that’s working for you!

    I’ve had success with WW in the past, but treating lows always screws me on the points system.

    Good luck to you!

  3. Zona Says:

    As a fairly new Type 2, I am still sorting out what to eat when to keep from getting too hungry later and over-doing it. I managed to take off about 15 pounds last year, but have hit a plateau that I can’t seem to break through. I am hoping that the spring weather will encourage me to be more active now.

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