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Growing Gratitude List October 14, 2013

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I was challenged to write a gratitude list that I add to EACH day.  So, starting 10/14…

1.  God’s grace

2.  My mom, my friend

3.  Insulin.  Keeps me alive!

4.  That I had almost 34 of my years with my Uncle Donald.  He went to heaven in 2012, but I still love and appreciate him.

5.  My sweet friends.

6.  My Annabelle, my pooch.

7.  Coffee

8.  My job

9.  A reliable automobile.

10.  Scentsy.  lol.

11.  My cozy home.

12.  Family.

13.  All the folks making meals for me and mom!

14.  Volunteers.

15.  Caffeine.

16.  Fall colors

17.  My kitty cat

18.  My temporary roommate!



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