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Five women who changed my life August 5, 2014

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I looked over today and it said “Tell me about the five women who have changed your life.”

Well, a lot more than five women have changed my life, so it gave me pause.  I’ll just go with top of mind and hope it doesn’t offend any of the many amazing women that aren’t listed.

  1. My mom.    My first best friend and still my single biggest supporter.  I’m not sure everyone is as blessed as I am to have someone that they can be completely honest and themselves with and know they will still be loved.  She’s an awesome grandma to my fur-babies too.  One of the things I’ve always admired about her is how hard working she was to raise me and my brother on her own.  This included when she was about my age completely changing her life by going to school to become a nurse.  This decision couldn’t have been easy but she touched many people with this profession.  She’s one of the greatest people I’ve ever met and I’m not just saying that because she’s my mom.
  2. Tisha Black. My first non-family best friend.  We met in fourth grade but didn’t seal our friendship until sixth grade when we began playing at recess, spending most weekends together and writing notes to each other non-stop.  Once I moved away in 7th grade, back in the days before email and cell phones, we recorded hours talking to each other on cassette tapes and still writing long letters.  We haven’t lived in the same town for the vast majority of our (near) 25 year friendship, but we still always have a great time when we’re together and know we can go to each other for prayers, hugs and pretty much anything.  I started this by saying non-family friend, but she is family in my heart.
  3. Felicia Jewell. When I was 16, I went off to a residential high school.  I arrived to find a *tiny* room that had been intended for one person but they had to put two of us in there.   That very first night, as we laid in our bunk beds, we began talking to each other and discovered we had an almost eerie set of similarities in our lives.  That pretty much sealed the deal for friendship.  It was 20 years ago this month.  During those 20 years we’ve been through a lot as friends and individuals and it’s been awesome to always have the other to turn to.  I can’t wait to see what the next 20 years brings.
  4. Kathy Gray. Kathy & I met riding the bus to school together in middle school.  I believe I was the first stop and she was the second stop, so we had a loooong time to talk.  We sat six rows back in the seats right beside each other and experienced a lot of the joys of school together.  Our friendship took a bit of a break as we went our separate ways for further schools, but we managed to keep in touch with Christmas cards and the occasional lunches when I was back in town.  However, when I moved back to Arkansas in 2012, our friendship got much closer.  She’s my #1 texting buddy and is one of the least judgmental people I’ve ever met.  I’m so happy to count her amongst my besties.
  5. Kristen Ray. When I was 22 I packed up my first Honda Accord and moved across the country to Baltimore.  I knew a few people, but quickly found I needed to venture out of my comfort zone and make some friends.  One of the ways I did this was through the Jaycees – a great organization.  While I made many amazing friends, I was so blessed to become friends with Kristen.  She became my family away from home and we experienced so much of our becoming adults together – from travel to heartbreak to just growing up.   She’s such a thoughtful and kind person and has added so much to my life.

Well, that’s five.  Like I said, there are many more women who have changed my life, but lunch is almost over.  More blogging to come as I read the prompts.