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Diabetes update November 30, 2015

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So, since this was started as a diabetes blog, why not take a minute to talk about the big D in the room?

My diabetes is doing great.  My last A1C (sort of an average of your last three months blood sugars) was literally the lowest it’s been since I’ve been diagnosed.  The nurse told me the number while I was waiting on the doctor and I was instantly in tears.  When the doctor came in she clapped and gave me a high-five.

What changed?  Walking more.  That’s mostly it.  I guess because I see my other numbers all day I’m also testing a little more.  But, mostly my numbers are great.  I’ve had a few lows but that’s not unexpected when you are staying closer to the right range.  I lowered my amount of long-acting insulin and that seems to have fixed the lows for the most part.

It makes me very glad.  I can’t always predict and control it, but I can take active steps to help make it manageable.

I will see my endo and my retina specialist both in December and am hopeful they will have more good news.


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