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About Becca January 7, 2010

Diagnosed with diabetes 1/18/08, this is to talk of my adventures of dealing with the disease.


2 Responses to “About Becca”

  1. Karen Says:

    Hi Becca,

    I was diagnosed in December 2008 – so just about a year after you – at the age of 27. Same story – first a type 2, then re-diagnosed (actually self-diagnosed thanks to some helpful online forums) as a type 1. I honeymooned quite a bit (although that’s not nearly as fun as it sounds), and didn’t start full-on insulin therapy until this past May. It’s good to see someone else out there with similar experience. I’ve been to T2 support groups dominated by middle-aged adults, and T1 with exclusively kids. It’s hard sometimes to find others to identify with since most T1s my age have had it their whole lives. Thanks for sharing your experience facing this huge learning curve, and the special issues we face with adult-onset 🙂 I’m not a pump yet, but I’m sure learning from your experiences!

    • Karen – thanks so much for sharing. I would love to talk to you any time. One of the most moving experiences I had was to go to “Sisters with Diabetes” in May. I met, in particular, two girls that are in our age group. We went “out” after and had the best discussions about all of the things you don’t normally talk about…it was very freeing for me. I would love to talk any time.

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