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Traveling with diabetes March 12, 2010

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I have always procrastinated packing (and unpacking, come to think of it). However, I’ve noticed that now when I pack I start with my diabetes supplies. It’s the one thing I bring a lot of extras of. Days in advance I have to check to make sure I have plenty of supplies and don’t need any refills and then I start them in the suitcase first (well, except Insulin). I have had my luggage lost before too, so I try not to have to check luggage – especially if there is a change in planes or stop along the way. I’m not generally flying some place where I couldn’t get replacement supplies, but the idea of the hassle of having to do that seems extraordinary to me and so I become a little paranoid about it.

I also have to think of my pump when I’m going through security once I get to the airport. I normally have my insertion set above my waist so I reach up under my shirt, disconnect it from my body and drop it in a bin with my purse. And then I worry things are going to get stopped because I haven’t taken insulin out of my bag and it is a liquid. Is that what I should do? Probably, I’m not sure why I haven’t. I do get some odd looks, but so far no one has said anything to me about it.

It’s kind of overwhelming. My day-to-day life is pretty covered, but when I have to change the routines and such, diabetes has to come to the front of my mind and remind me that it can’t be forgotten.

Too, when I travel I generally see friends and family I’m not around day-to-day so my diabetes is still new to them and thus I answer a lot more questions about it than I normally do. I do appreciate the questions and am glad people want to know and understand more, but it’s another reminder that this disease is, well, part of me for the long haul.


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  1. Sarah E. Welch Says:

    While I don’t have quite so much to travel with, I understand the travel difficulties a bit. I started allergy drops (daily drops under my tongue), and they have to kept cold. It’s kind of difficult to travel with them because of that–and it’s off label usage (of the stuff that’s normally in shots), so my bottle isn’t a normal prescription bottle. In fact, it just has my name printed from a standard label maker. My bag always gets pulled aside and inspected. I have a note from my doc on her prescription pad, but sometimes I forget it. I’m always afraid it will be confiscated, and it costs about $80 a bottle! On the bright side, I’ve found that I can also sneak some local artisan cheeses or other snacks in my cold bag, too 🙂

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